05/10/12   Cerience Releases RepliGo Reader 4.0 for Android
01/5/11   Cerience Releases RepliGo Reader 3.0 for Android
11/4/10   RepliGo Server 3.5 Update Supports BlackBerry OS 6 and adds a User-Defined “Favorites” Folder Option
01/29/10   New RepliGo Server 3.4 Supports Email Body Printing and Faxing
12/21/09   Cerience Releases RepliGo Reader 2.0 for BlackBerry
12/15/09   Cerience Releases RepliGo Reader 2.0 for Android
07/14/09   Cerience Releases RepliGo Professional 3.0 for BlackBerry Smartphones
04/13/09   Cerience Brings RepliGo Reader to the Android Market
01/30/09   Cerience Releases RepliGo Reader 1.1 for BlackBerry Smartphones
01/30/09   Cerience Releases RepliGo Server 3.0 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server
11/21/08   RepliGo Reader Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm
10/29/08   Cerience Releases RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry Smartphones
05/13/08   Cerience Debuts Native PDF Viewer for BlackBerry
10/1/07   RepliGo Professional Wins "Best Industry Application" Award
09/11/07   RepliGo Professional Now Available in Five Languages
05/8/07   Cerience Announces RepliGo Server 2.0 for BlackBerry
03/20/07   Cerience Adds German and Spanish User Interface Support to RepliGo Professional
10/25/06   Cerience Announces RepliGo Professional 2.0 for BlackBerry
09/14/06   Cerience Awarded "BlackBerry Developer of the Year" and "Best Application for Work"
03/13/06   Cerience Expands Document Viewing Solution For BlackBerry
01/11/06   Cerience Delivers True Attachments to BlackBerry Enterprises
08/30/05   Cerience Brings True Document Viewing to BlackBerry Devices