RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry Features

NOTE: This product was discontinued on June 30, 2014 and is no longer available.

Key Features Benefits
Native PDF Viewing RepliGo Reader allows desktop-quality viewing of PDF documents and email attachments downloaded to the handset. PDF files can be opened directly without the need for server-side conversion, services or subscriptions.
Email Attachment Support BlackBerry devices with OS 4.5 and higher may use the "Open Attachment" or "Download Attachment" feature which allows for downloading and storing PDF attachments to the device. RepliGo Reader can be used to display the file, acting as an alternative way to view your email attachments.
Intelligent Page Caching Provides fast loading of new and previously viewed pages.
Support for OS 7 BlackBerry OS 7 devices are now supported.
Continuous Page Viewing Scroll up or down for easier vertical navigation between pages.
Superior Font Support RepliGo Reader has the strongest support in the industry for rendering embedded fonts, all of the standard PDF fonts and rotated fonts.
Reading View RepliGo Reader includes page recognition technology that reformats text, graphics and tables into a single column, making it easy to read documents by eliminating horizontal scrolling.
Text Search RepliGo Reader is the only native PDF solution that allows you to search for text within documents, making it quick and easy to find information.
Select Text to Clipboard Copy text to the clipboard to paste into other applications, emails, etc.
Advanced File Management RepliGo Reader supports; Delete, Move, Copy, Rename, Save As.
Send Via Email Send a stored PDF as an attachment in a new email.
Supports RC4 and AES encryption Open encrypted PDF files and attachments with ease directly within RepliGo Reader.
Supports password-protected PDF files Open password-protected PDF files. RepliGo Reader prompts for the password prior to opening.
Multiple Zoom Levels RepliGo Reader has more zoom levels than the competition, allowing for the perfect view of any page.
Bookmarks Support Large PDF documents commonly have bookmarks. RepliGo Reader allows you to navigate to any point in the document using these bookmarks.
Media Card Support Documents can be loaded and displayed directly from the media card without requiring a wireless data connection, enabling permanent offline access to any PDF file.
View faxes sent as PDF attachments Open image-based faxes that arrive on the BlackBerry. RepliGo Reader supports eFax Plus and Pro, MyFax, RightFax, and more.
International User Interface RepliGo Reader is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We speak your language!
One-time cost There are no subscription costs or other ongoing fees. RepliGo Reader can be purchased for a one-time cost. Single, volume and enterprise licensing options are available.
Technical Support The RepliGo Reader team is available for pre-sales questions, technical assistance, feedback, and suggestions.