RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry Activation

NOTE: This product was discontinued on June 30, 2014 and is no longer available.


This form allows you to generate an Activation Code so you can activate RepliGo Reader license without forming a wireless connection. You should only use this form if you have not been successful in your attempts to activate wirelessly.

Please refer to your RepliGo Reader order confirmation email to accurately fill out this form. You must enter the email address that your order confirmation was sent to, which will also serve as the email address where your Activation Code and instructions will be delivered.

Your Product Key can be found in your order confirmation email and your BlackBerry PIN will be shown in the Activate screen of RepliGo Reader by clicking on the checkbox below the Product Key field. Please check your PIN very carefully for accuracy before you submit this form. The letters B and D can easily be mistaken for 8 and 0. Once an Activation Code is generated, it is locked to that PIN number.

Activation Code Form

Email Address:  
Product Key:  
BlackBerry PIN: (You must enter your PIN accurately
for your Activation Code to work.)