RepliGo Reader for Android Features

NOTE: This product was discontinued on June 30, 2014 and is no longer available.

Key Features Benefits
Native PDF Viewing RepliGo Reader allows desktop-quality viewing of PDF documents and email attachments downloaded to the handset. PDF files can be opened directly without the need for server-side conversion, services or subscriptions.
Cloud Support RepliGo Reader allows direct access to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. Any changes made to files will be automatically uploaded to your cloud account.
Email Attachment Support RepliGo Reader supports PDF email attachment rendering — just like you would see them on your desktop.
PDF Annotations Allows for creating and editing standard PDF highlights, underlines, cross outs, sticky notes, arrows, lines, ovals, rectangles, free hand drawings and text boxes. RepliGo Reader can also render many other standard PDF annotations.
Printing Allows for printing PDF files via Google Cloud Print.
Form Filling Supports filling of PDF forms and saving form data to the file. AcroForm and static XFA formats are supported. XFA requires Android OS 2.2 or higher.
Send PDF Files via Email, Bluetooth, Dropbox, etc. Allows for attaching a PDF file to an email and sending it via Gmail or other email accounts. Also supported is the ability to send to a paired Bluetooth device or upload to an online storage space such as Dropbox or
Text-to-Speech Support Allows documents to be read aloud in any supported language.
Text look up with ColorDict Integration Allows for selecting text and performing a dictionary and Wiki lookup using ColorDict. (Installation of ColorDict is required)
Themes RepliGo Reader can invert the colors of the background and text for easy reading in low light conditions.
Image-based PDF Support Version 3.0 supports JBIG2 image-based PDF files which means RepliGo Reader can now rendered virtually any image-based PDF file.
Search Text RepliGo Reader supports text searching within a PDF file. Tap and hold a word or phrase or even use voice inputs and select Search from the popup menu to search across entire document.
Copy Text This allows for copying text to the clipboard and pasting it into other applications, a sticky note annotation or other comment.
Bookmarks Support Large PDF documents commonly have bookmarks. RepliGo Reader allows you to navigate to any point in the document using these bookmarks.
Internal Document Bookmark Support RepliGo Reader supports internal document hyperlinks (such as a Table of Contents) to jump between sections of a document.
Superior Font Support RepliGo Reader has the strongest support in the industry for rendering embedded fonts, all of the standard PDF fonts and rotated fonts.
Reading View RepliGo Reader includes page recognition technology that reformats text, graphics and tables into a single column, making it easy to read documents by eliminating horizontal scrolling.
Multiple Zoom Levels RepliGo Reader supports extensive zoom levels allowing for the perfect view of any page.
Full Screen View RepliGo Reader can eliminate the toolbar and other areas of the screen to utilize the full space available for the best viewing experience.
Double-Tap Zoom Tapping twice quickly will zoom into a specific location on a page. Double-tapping again will zoom back out.
Media Card Support Documents can be saved to the card and displayed directly from the media card without requiring a wireless data connection, enabling offline access to any PDF file. The RepliGo Reader application can also be moved to and run from the media card.
Browser Integration RepliGo Reader can display PDF files located on web sites. Simply navigate to an online PDF file and RepliGo Reader will load the document for viewing.
Basic File Management Context menu for deleting and renaming files and folders.
Supports address, email, phone and web links within documents These links are automatically detected within documents, providing a quick way to click and launch various applications.
Rotate Screen Rotate feature enables documents to be rotated left, right or 180°. This feature makes it easier to read documents that are in the wrong orientation.
Password-Protected PDF files RepliGo Reader supports opening password-protected files. Simply enter the correct password in the dialog provided and RepliGo Reader will securely open the PDF file.
Volume Keys for Switching Pages Use the volume keys on the device to quickly switch pages forward or backward.
Convenient Keyboard Shortcuts Use the keypad to quickly and conveniently switch between views, navigate through pages, and zoom in and out.
Multilanguage and Asian Character Support Enhanced support for Multilanguages plus Asian-based languages and character sets.
Touch-screen, keypad and trackball support Navigation is a snap using the touch-screen for selecting, scrolling and panning, keypad operations, and trackball support.
One-time cost There are no subscription costs or other ongoing fees. RepliGo Reader can be purchased for a one-time cost.
Technical Support The RepliGo Reader team is available for pre-sales questions, technical assistance, feedback, and suggestions.