RepliGo Reader for Android

View and annotate native PDF documents on your Android-powered device! RepliGo Reader 4.0 has an all new, improved user interface.

RepliGo Reader is the first Android application to enableĀ viewing, form filling and annotatingof PDF files.

Use RepliGo Reader to view Gmail PDF attachments just like you would see them on your desktop. RepliGo Reader can also be used to view cloud-based PDF files from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, or files that have been saved to your media card. Use the device’s browser to navigate to a PDF online and RepliGo Reader will render the file for viewing. Utilize the ability to highlight, add text boxes, cross out or underline text, add sticky notes, draw freehand, and then send the changes via email or to an online storage account. RepliGo Reader supports embedded fonts and renders text and graphics clearly at any zoom level. Image-based PDF files that use the latest compression types are also supported.

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A special reading view reformats pages into a single column, making reading easier. A Night Mode makes reading in low light conditions more comfortable. PDF Bookmarks and text search are supported for easy navigation of large documents. RepliGo Reader also supports Form Filling of PDF forms. The form data is saved to the file and can be read on other PDF readers.

RepliGo Reader for Android is a powerful application for mobile professionals that require immediate access to important PDF files without making compromises.

RepliGo Reader on Android


How to get RepliGo Reader:

Available for purchase from Google Play on your device. Launch Google Play and search for “RepliGo”. Follow instructions for downloading. To purchase from Google Play web page, click here.

RepliGo Reader is also available at the Amazon Appstore for Android. Click here.


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